How Coca-Cola Took Over the World in Every Language

This year, Coca-Cola's strategic $4 Billion investment in multilingual advertising returned a remarkable $20 Billion in revenue from their global markets.

Let's explore how they mastered global advertising by speaking to their customers in their own language and the tactics behind their international advertising triumph.

We'll also talk about how you can leverage new advances in artificial intelligence to replicate this success with your own business by translating your video ads.

Coca-Cola's Global Journey

Coca-Cola started small in Atlanta, Georgia but soon grew to saturate its home American market.

Looking worldwide they also saw international players like German Afri-Cola, Middle-Eastern Zamzam Cola, and Indian Thums-Up learning from Coca-Cola's success and creating similar products to meet the unsatisfied local demand.

At first Coca-Cola was unable to compete with these local brands and learned that it needed more than just a presence in these markets, it also needed a local touch.

The company adapted its marketing strategies to speak in local languages and to talk about local issues. They even started changing their formula for different international markets (any Mexican Coke fans here?).

This started working so well that they started adapting their local advertising to more than 16 different languages almost right away. Today Coca-Cola is sold in every country in the world except two.

When Coca-Cola expanded to the Soviet Union, they marketed their product as "Коммунистический красный, американский вкус!" (Communist Red, American Taste!) and, unsurprisingly, Coke was a hit with Soviet citizens.

How Dubbah Can Help

At this point, you might be wondering how you can also start talking to your customers in their language.

The good news is you are probably already reaching them if you use YouTube or Facebook ads, however since they can't understand you they are not clicking on your products.

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