How I Grew My Audience by Millions With Dubbing

We all want to reach more people and grow our exposure, but it's hard to know how to do this. JackSucksAtLife, a YouTube creator with over 4 million subscribers, found a solution by dubbing his videos to Spanish. By talking in a different language he tapped into the 50 million strong Spanish speaking market increasing his viewership and revenue without the need for new content.

When he saw that there were people already commenting in Spanish under his videos he knew that there were foreign language speakers who were interested in his content. Then he saw other large YouTubers dubbing their content and he knew he had to get in on it too. After just a year of translating his videos he started getting Millions of views and a significant portion of his revenue from his Spanish channel.

Despite this, starting out was tough for him and he invested €16,000 in voice actors and audio engineers before he was able to break even. Dubbing your content can be made easier by using an AI video translator like Dubbah. Using AI dubs reduces your start-up cost by 75% and builds a more personal brand for you with voice cloning technology.

The Impact of Dubbing

Dubbing your videos seems cool, but does it work? Jack's venture into the Spanish-speaking world with his dubbing efforts did. He gained 100,000 new followers on his Spanish speaking content almost overnight after his launch. By tapping into the segment of his audience who were already Spanish speakers he was able to better engage them and build their loyalty.

Within just a few months, the daily views from his Spanish-dubbed content grew to 2 million.  Not only was he better serving the people in his existing audience who spoke Spanish, but at this point he was also able to reach new viewers. Spanish speakers who might have scrolled past his English content were now stopping, watching, and ultimately converting into dedicated followers.

Despite the initial gulp-worthy investment of €16,000 on dubbing staff, Jack's channel quickly turned a profit. With advancements in AI video translation technologies like Dubbah, this gateway to global audiences is becoming increasingly accessible. Dubbah reduces dubbing costs and time by more than 75%.

Six months into this journey, Jack's Spanish channel was pulling in between 15 to 29 million views each month. This wasn't just growth; it was an explosion of reach and influence, Dubbing doesn't just amplify your content; it transforms it, breathing new life into your videos and allowing them to thrive all over the world.

The Hard Parts of Dubbing

Dubbing your videos has a huge impact on your audience, but it can be hard to do traditionally. Finding voice talent, audio engineers, and translators can all require a huge considerable financial investment. Luckily, using new advances in AI Video Dubbing you can now translate your videos at a fraction of the cost.

Firstly, finding the right voice talent is crucial. The voice actors don't just need to speak the language fluently; they need to embody the essence of your original content, ensuring the emotional resonance is not lost in translation. This can be a painstaking process, as it often involves extensive auditions, trials, and possibly even disappointments before finding the perfect match. Dubbah uses voice cloning technology that matches the original voice in the new video, saving you time and money while building your brand.

Moreover, cultural nuances pose a significant challenge. What works humorously or makes sense in one language might not translate directly into another. Translation is key, necessitating thorough research and sometimes creative reimagining of content to ensure it's appropriate and engaging for the new audience. This not only requires time but also a deep understanding of the target culture, which might necessitate collaboration with cultural consultants. Dubbah uses cutting-edge large language models for translation and has a team of professional translators on hand for you.

Then there’s the issue of synchronization. Ensuring that the dubbed audio matches the timing and lip movements of the original video is an art in itself. It requires skilled audio engineers and meticulous editing to achieve a result that feels natural to viewers, rather than disjointed or distracting. Dubbah has built in synchronization algorithms trained with thousands of hours of video that do this for you.

Additionally, the financial investment can be considerable when dubbing traditionally. From hiring voice actors and technicians to purchasing the right equipment and software for editing, the costs can accumulate quickly. Dubbing your video with AI using Dubbah can help you kickstart the process without a lot of cash.

How Can I Start?

Want to start dubbing your content today? The easiest way to do this is using Dubbah's AI video translator to dub your videos. Not only can you dub your videos within minutes but you can also dub to over 20 different languages. Click on 'Get Started' to start today!